Post-Booking Communications

How our tours go off without a hitch

The journey to the perfect client experience starts at booking. 

During our checkout process, we gather essential client contact information to ensure a seamless connection between your clients and their guide.

Rather than providing vouchers for our tours, we aim to create a personal and friendly experience for clients. In preparation for the tour, clients will receive an email with an image, the name, and a brief biography of their guide.

Additionally, they will receive a brief text message introducing them to their guide and reminding them of the tour's meeting point.

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Support When Needed 

Advisors can email to connect with our advisor experience team for booking support, pre- and post-booking questions, additional tour recommendations & more. 

After booking, you will be provided Context's number for text messaging. This number is monitored by US and EU based staff to ensure clients and advisors receive quick responses. 

In-Destination Communication

At 24-hrs prior to the tour, clients & advisors will receive an email with their guide's name and photo, along with the meeting point details. They will also receive a text message connecting them directly with their guide*.

The SMS channel opens up 24-hrs prior to the start of the tour and closes at 11:59 PM local time on the day of tour.

*Non-US numbers (+1 country code) will not receive the text message directly. Instead, their expert's phone number will be included in the 24-hour email.

Managed Comms


Why does Context ask for client contact information when booking?

During booking, you'll be asked to provide your client's email and phone number. The email will become their unique user ID in our system. The phone number will be used to connect your clients with their guide.

We do not use this information for marketing purposes, nor do we contact clients directly unless it's an emergency.

We ask that you do not use your personal email or a general email address as your client's, as it will overwrite any contact information that may already be on file. 

Tip: If you are unable to provide the correct client email at time of booking, please use a placeholder email. We recommend using the format "" as an easy way to create a unique address.

It is essential to our managed communication system that the client's phone number is accurate and international calling and SMS are enabled.

When do you use my client's contact information?

Typically, Context will only send the automatic 24-hour email and text message directly to your client using the contact information on file. Our expert guides will have direct contact with clients for in-destination support.

If there are any updates or important changes to a client's tour, our advisor experience team will communicate this information to you, the advisor. Our service team does not contact clients directly unless it is an emergency. 

What constitutes an emergency?

An emergency typically takes place within 48 hours of the service date. Due to the time constraints, we are unable to make most changes to a tour within this time period. If there are urgent updates due to strikes, local events, last minute closures, etc., our team will notify both the advisor and the client. This is to ensure clients receive the communication.

We may also consider certain situations an emergency outside of 48 hours prior to service date. These situations typically occur within 2 weeks of service date and involve hard-to-secure tickets, reservations, or strike impacts. If urgent action is required, our team may need to contact your clients directly if we are unable to reach you.

What happens if my client has an emergency?

If it is outside of 24 hours of the tour start time, you and/or your clients can contact us at or via SMS using the phone number listed in the confirmation itinerary. 

Within 24 hours, clients will be connected with their guide directly. Clients should communicate any emergencies to their guide using the SMS channel. If further action is required, the guide is able to elevate the conversation to a member of our on-the-ground service team for assistance.